Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) 

The Al Faris mission has always been to create a holistic curriculum which promotes not only the acquisition of knowledge, but the development of the emotional and physical well-being of our students. Through our CAS program students gain skills and experience through activities that unleash their creativity, promote their physical and mental health, and help to address the needs of the community both local and global.

Some larger service projects are done in school; however, students are also expected to do activities on their own to fulfill required community service hours.

Azraq Refugee Assistance

Our sustained, award-winning project to assist refugees situated in Azraq, Jordan has been a cornerstone of the FIS CAS program since Spring 2016.   Each year, groups of our students visit Azraq bringing supplies and ready to help. Initiatives have included improvements to school facilities, volunteering at the school and coordinating activities for the children, providing healthy meals for the kids, providing needy children with eye glasses, constructing a new toilet facility and in 2019, renovating a bakery which will provide jobs for four refugee women and benefit the community. Please click the link to our video about this amazing experience for our participating students.

Healthy Lifestyle Initiatives

High school students have conducted projects about health and healthy lifestyle choices. Activities included oral presentations, stations and games.  Participants gained an understanding of how to read food labels and learned about healthy snack choices and food portions.  Another emphasis was weight management, including the dangers of fad dieting, healthy weight gain and weight loss.

To emphasize the importance of daily exercise, middle and high school students participated in a long-distance (2 Kilometers) walking/jogging activity.   Winners were awarded medals, and participants were then given an opportunity to reflect on the importance of sport and exercise in their lives.

Our fitness fun continued in February 2018 when Al Faris students participated in the Riyadh International Half Marathon.

Cancer Awareness

During the month of October, FIS students are active participants in the global Breast Cancer Awareness campaign.  Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer affecting women worldwide, and according to the 10KSA organization, Saudi women have a higher mortality rate than most because of low screening and late diagnosis.

Fundraisers for local centers have demonstrated student creativity with stations of products (T-shirts, mugs, pens, calendars, pink ribbons, etc.) and literature promoting breast cancer issues.

In 2016, Al Faris International joined hands with 10KSA to promote awareness, and volunteers took part in the world’s largest humanitarian ribbon formed on December 12, 2016 at Princess Noura University.

For our 2018 fund raiser, our high school girls created a fun fair for primary children with stations of games and activities.

Book Sale Project 

Grade 10 students initiated and carried out a plan to sell used books, build the school’s library and raise funds for charity. The used book sale aimed to provide affordable books for readers of all ages and to encourage reading. It supplied the school’s library with more resources, and proceeds were donated to help refugees.  More than 2,000 books were donated over two months.

Community Connections

Students have regularly visited community centers for children with special needs including a disabled children’s association and a local orphanage.

In December 2017, our DP boys launched “Holding Their Hands” in which the students visited with elderly citizens who are isolated due to illness or disability.

In March 2018, Al Faris students initiated a campaign, “Your Health Matters” in cooperation with the King Fahad Cancer Center. The initiative raised awareness about the nutritional needs of children fighting cancer.  FIS students created a puppet show and play as well as fun hands-on activities to educate the kids and their parents about healthy food practices to aid in the children’s recovery.

In the the Spring of 2019, PYP students visited a local Down Syndrome center and a center for autistic children to interact with the kids and learn about the challenges these kids face.

Art Gallery Project

A talented group of our students created an art gallery in the school’s basement. The project aimed to decorate the basement’s walls with paintings and drawings, some of which carried important messages about issues such as abuse of women, positive thinking, and the control of technology in our lives.

Tutoring Program

In Spring 2016 high school students volunteered to assist teachers to support low achievers with differentiated instruction.  Students were asked to create educational activities to assist young students using materials such as books, songs and games and to help meet classroom challenges such as dealing with hyper active or weak students.  This project encouraged our volunteers to participate in a new activity, learn new skills, take on a leadership role and create solutions.

Model United Nations (MUN) Club

Acadmic Year 2018-19 saw the launch of our Al Faris Model United Nations (MUN) for students in Grades 9-12.  MUN is a globally recognized extracurricular activity in many schools and universities where students assume the roles of countries and organizations represented in the United Nations in specific committees and debate about global issues. The aims of an MUN conference are to encourage debate and sharing of views among students from different schools and of different ethnicities. We’re excited about this opportunity for our students to gain an in-depth knowledge of global issues and practice their critical thinking and communication skills as well as develop an open-minded attitude.

Please click the link to our MUN Student Handbook for detailed information.

In the News!

In 2018, our DP students launched “FIS Pulse” a monthly online newsletter containing articles about Al Faris events, relevant tips and advice and global news.  Our high school girls also launched a wall newsletter.  These projects promote collaboration, time management, and written and visual communication skills.