Previous School Records

Students applying for admission to Grade 1 until Grade 12 are required to submit their previous original school records. Once the student completes the entrance examination and is offered admission to FIS, the Admissions Office will issue a Request for Transcript Letter (RFT letter) to the parents in order for them to submit it to their previous school.

Required Documentation for New Students

After completing and submitting the signed application form, the Admissions Office will schedule an entrance examination date. Once the student passes the examination; he/she is required to pay the semester tuition/fees and submit the following required documents:

    • Completed application form*
    • Photo of the applicant
    • Evidence that the applicant has successfully completed the previous year attended at a former school. This includes:
      • Original report cards of the applicant for school last attended, with certified documents for students from abroad*
      • A letter of recommendation from school previously attended
    • Copy of Transfer Certificate from the school last school attended
    • Copy of birth certificate
    • Copy of vaccination certificate
    • Medical report*
    • Copy of student’s and father’s passports
    • Saudis: copy of family ID card
    • Non-Saudis: copy of student’s and father’s iqamas
    • Introduction letter from the parent’s sponsor
    • Personal statement explaining why the student/parents wish to enroll
    • Grades 7-12 personal statement is submitted by the student
    • Grades PreK-6 personal statement is submitted by parent or guardian
    • Signed copy of “How to Survive FIS”
    • Signed copy of School Policy and Acceptance Contract
    • Original approval from the Ministry of Education
    • Equivalency approval from Ministry of Education for students transferring from outside Saudi Arabia
    • Financial clearance from the previous school

*Please see the Downloadable Documents link for the School Registration form as well as the Student Health form

Document Certifications:

Students transferring from abroad or from another region within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia must be sure to get the following certifications:

Transferring from another region within Saudi Arabia:

The two most recent report cards must be stamped by the Ministry of Education in that region.

Transferring from Arab countries:

The two most recent report cards must be stamped by the Ministry of Education, the Saudi Embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in that country.

Students transferring from all other countries (U.S.A., EU, etc.):

The two most recent report cards must be stamped by the Saudi Embassy in that country.