Entrance Exam

All applicants are required to complete an entrance examination in order to evaluate their English language proficiency as well as their mathematics skills and basic science knowledge. For students applying to KGI and KGII they will be given tests that are developmentally appropriate for their age. Passing this examination is mandatory for acceptance to FIS. The examinations will be administered by the examination officers who will then forward the results as well as his/her recommendations to the Entrance Examination Coordinator. The Examination Coordinator will forward his/her recommendation to the Deputy Director for final approval/disapproval. Once the final decision is reached the Admissions Office will notify the parents of the results. If approved, the parents are invited to complete the necessary paperwork for admissions.

*Native Arabic speakers will also be assessed on the level of their Arabic language skills for internal school records.

Grades 1-3
Grades 4-5
Grades 6-8
Grades 9-10
Grades 11-12