Saudi National Day, September 24

Saudi National Day is a special day of education and activities at Al Faris. Students are encouraged to dress in traditional costumes or the national color green to show their Saudi spirit. Students enjoy traditional foods, dancing, and crafts that focus on the history, culture and features of the Kingdom. Games and activities such as face painting and henna decoration are also part of the fun!

Hajj Day

This event is celebrated in conjunction with the annual Hajj and Eid Al Adha. Students learn about the rites and rituals by performing their own mini Hajj and making crafts.

Fall Festival
Our Fall Festival is a day with learning activities focusing on the season of fall. In addition, children dress in fall colors and enjoy games and fall foods.

Dr. Seuss
Lower Primary students enjoy a month of activities centered around the classic Dr. Seuss books. Dr. Seuss stories and themes are integrated into subjects such as English and math. In addition, students design and create their own unique hats to wear on Hat Parade Day. Wacky Wednesday, when students dress in crazy, creative outfits, is also a fun part of Dr. Seuss fun!

Community Service
Al Faris has always recognized the importance of teaching students the important role they have in the community through our community and service program for Grades 7-12. Students are taught to be aware of community needs, how to form an action plan for involvement and then to reflect about their contributions.
Some larger service projects are done in school; however, students are also expected to do activities on their own to fulfill required community service hours.
The high school Healthy Lifestyle Project includes presentations, stations, games and activities to educate us about the importance of healthy eating, bone health, effective weight management, fun fitness and harmful habits.
Other community service projects have included a used book sale, breast cancer awareness, Earth Day, staff appreciation, a clothing drive and visits to a local orphanage and disabled children’s center.

Science Fairs
Students always look forward to our Primary grade science fairs which enable them to prepare educational science stations to share with their fellow students. These are great opportunities to demonstrate a range of the PYP attitudes such as inquiry, critical thinking and creativity to make their stations, risk-taking by approaching a new situation thoughtfully and confidently, effective communication, and reflection by assessing themselves and what they learned from this experience.
In 2015, we also added a collaborative science fair, pairing students from different grade levels. Students learned the important process of collaboration by working together to develop and present their ideas. Visitors to the fair were invited to write their comments on posted reflection boards, encouraging them to think about the projects they saw and giving valuable feedback to the participants.

Mathletics combines math games and sports for a fun and educational day. Teams of students compete in sports games like “tug of war” and solving math problems. Math games included collecting fractions from boxes and then adding and multiplying them, problem solving, collecting decimals and ordering them from greatest to least and fixing time on clocks according the instructions in hidden envelopes.
Our primary poetry competition and spelling bees allow students to demonstrate their proficiency, enhance their creativity and practice their public speaking skills.
In addition, Al Faris students take part in competitions among Riyadh schools in both spelling and math.

Anti-Bullying Campaign
Al Faris recognizes the importance of teaching our students respect and tolerance at all times and this was the focus of our Anti-Bullying campaign which included activities and discussions about types and causes of bullying and how to prevent them.

Fun Days
Fun days at school give students a pleasant break from the serious task of studying. On Pajama Day students, teachers and staff get to take a break from formal school clothes and wear their pajamas to school! On Funky Day students can enjoy wearing a fun funky outfit. Our student’s creativity really shines!

School Field Trips:
Students enjoy field trips to educational and recreation centers such as Jamouly World, the Riyadh Zoo and Khayala Equestrian Club .